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A typical treatment lasts one hour. Your first treatment will include a consultation, and therefore the first treatment lasts about an hour and a half.

As part of your first treatment I will talk to you about your health, both past and present, and any particular areas which may be problematic or any specific issues which you may have.

If you have a course of treatments your symptoms and reactions will be continually monitored.

During a reflexology treatment certain areas of the foot may be particularly sensitive, indicating congestion in that area of the body. A reflexologist will often feel crystal like deposits on those areas.

Applying pressure to these areas and working the area can remove the crystals and the pain or sensitivity will recede. I will always respond to your needs and I will use a gentler touch as appropriate.

It is normal to feel tired following a reflexology treatment and it is possible to experience a healing response where any symptoms may become worse before they get better. This is part of the body healing itself, but always contact me if you are concerned.

The effects of reflexology are improved if you ensure you are well hydrated following the treatment and avoid alcohol or intensive exercise in the same day.

The price of a session is £35.
If you need to cancel an appointment please let me know 24 hours before the appointment time, or the full price may be charged.

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